1929 AUSTIN 12/4 OPEN TOURER – BS 9916.

This car was registered on the 21st June 1929, and was built at the Austin / Morris factory in Longbridge near Birmingham and was sold for £544. 12 shillings and sixpence, and was sold to a Mr A Hollingsworth who we understand was in the legal profession.

This car was the top of the range produced by Austin / Morris at that time as it was an open tourer with the super extra leaf spring suspension and it has a maximum safe speed of around 35 mph, with a 12 hp engine.

I have some history of the car, from 1929 up until around 1939 it spent its life around the midlands area, and then the war broke out and there doesn’t seem to be any trace of it, then the next info I have, is that in 1949 the car was sold to a Dr John Micheal Fraser in Luton who had the car up until 1961 it was then sold to a Victor Cecil Funnell in London who we believe had a collection of vintage cars and he kept it up until 1987, having carried out some work to it. It then changed hands to a Mr Richard Denham who lived in Lewes in East Sussex, he too was a vintage car enthusiast and he carried out bodywork repairs to the car and he kept it up until 1999 it was then sold to a Mr John Haynes in London who was an Austin vintage enthusiast, he had several Austin 7`s & 10`s and added this Austin 12 to his collection. He carried out work on the car and in 2010 entered it into the Sydenham vintage rally run and won 1st prize which was a beautiful cup. He then kept it until 2013 when I bought it from him. I have carried out quite a bit of work on it and it is in exceptional condition for being 86 years old and it is currently used for weddings. The car today is regularly used when the sun is shining, but can still be used with the roof up if necessary. I have also got the original Austin handbook in a very frail state but it is perfectly readable and it cost 1 shilling which was added to the price of the car when bought from new.